Madrid Productores was born in September 2014, and is currently the largest exhibition, sale and tasting space for artisan and organic food products in the Community of Madrid.

The Market is possible thanks to the effort and work of more than 300 people, among the organization’s staff and producers, who come every month to the commitment created with the thousands of Madrid friends of the Market. It is a space where Madrid consumers and producers meet, exchange and guide their production and consumption habits.

More than a Market

Stimulates and shows the importance of consuming local, artisan, ecological and quality products.
Power gastronomic tourism.
Promotes cooperation and business exchange.
It offers the visitor a different, modern and original shopping experience.
It announces the most complete agro-food offer of the Community of Madrid.

Where and when

It is celebrated in the central square of Matadero Madrid (Plaza de Legazpi), one weekend of each month.

Although it is tried to celebrate it the last weekend, this is not always possible by coincidence with the own activities of Matadero.

Hours:  Saturdays from 11 to 19 hours and Sundays from 11 to 17 hours.


  • Premium consumption of proximity and artisanal and organic production, mainly bringing together local producers from Madrid and its Community. Occasionally, a limited number of artisan producers from other Autonomous Communities also participate, provided they do so with quality and differentiated products, which are not produced or produced in Madrid.
  • It is a perfect place for tasting and consumption of quality Madrid products displayed, with an adequate space of more than 800 m. of tables and bars.
  • The comfort of the exhibitor, the placement of its products, the exhibition space and personal attention are taken care of at all times.
  • It promotes interaction, through conferences, presentations, colloquiums, tastings, workshops, etc., given by the exhibitors themselves or by people that the organization deems of interest.
  • Encourage the family visit, with children, because it has spaces for children to be taken care of and distracted.
  • Given its proximity to Madrid Río, it can also be accessed on foot or by bicycle.